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Latest post Tue, Dec 1 2009 9:37 AM by dtodd. 0 replies.
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  • Tue, Dec 1 2009 9:37 AM

    • dtodd
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    Fuel Processors Power Commander Vs Fuelpak Vs ThunderMax

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    There are several options on the market. I mentioned just a few. It really depends on what modifications you plan on making to the motorcycle as well as the type of riding you do. It also depends on the price you want to spend and what you expect out of the unit for the price you paid. I will break it down to my suggestions based on price/tune ability/gains

    Fuel pak- Used for basic muffler/air cleaner installation, easily installed no computer required standard hand tools, cheaper fuel processor compared to the others. Great Warranty/Tech Support Downside- Tuning Info only for certain "popular" exhaust and air cleaner installations. Will not "fine" tune or auto tune which may not provide optimum fuel efficiency, does not modify ignition timing. 
    My Suggestion- Recommended for most average riders (non touring or Iron Butt Riders) looking to install only an exhaust/air cleaner the entire life of the motorcycle. Cheap, inexpensive way to increase fuel to compensate for most all exhaust changes.

    Power Commander- Can be used for most all aftermarket parts installations including hot setup kits or standard bolt on parts. Easily installed with minor hand tools and basic point and click computer skills (requires computer/laptop). Can modify ignition timing, also has an accelerator pump feature, Dynojet dyno compatible and any dyno jet tuning facility can fine tune motorcycle for performance and fuel economy based on riding style. Great Warranty/Tech Support.  Medium Priced compared to the others mentioned. Downside - Does not auto tune which may not provide optimum fuel efficiency.
    My Suggestion- recommended for the performance guys who plan on mild to wild modifications. Medium priced solution to add more fuel no matter what modification made to the motorcycle. "Now and later" option for guys who buy an exhaust now, but plans on future modifications later down the road.

    Thundermax or Twin Tec TCFI - Can be used for any installation of any and all parts. Self tuning for altitude/air temperature changes as well as real world riding conditions. No matter what you are doing, where you are riding the unit it will correct to the target air fuel ratio preventing detonation and improving fuel efficiency. Data logging capability as well as real time engine display. Can check engine trouble codes as well as engine operating conditions. Great Warranty/Tech Support. Downside- More complex installation requires moderate mechanical skills as well as above average computer skills. Substantially more expensive than the other units.
    My Suggestion-recommend for anyone who plans on taking long trips changing altitude riding conditions and concerned about fuel economy as well as performance gains based on any modification. To put these units into perspective based on price. You pay close to $900 for a unit. If you are a rider who spends 20,000 miles on a bike in a year and increased your fuel economy by 5-10 mpg just the savings in fuel could possibly offset the price on the unit its self.  

    I could talk all day about each unit and have used an installed almost all aftermarket fuel processors on the market. Each has Pros/Cons it ultimately depends on what you expect for the price (including installed price) as well as the future of your motorcycle. Hope this helped.

    I'm sure i left something out,  it was my goal to highlight the ones mentioned.



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