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Latest post Wed, Sep 19 2018 9:41 AM by sfranta. 3 replies.
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  • Wed, Sep 19 2018 5:05 AM

    • Billya
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    is straight 60 motor oil, Still the best for a 76 shovelhead

  • Wed, Sep 19 2018 5:33 AM In reply to

    • Ironhead
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    Re: Oil


    is straight 60 motor oil, Still the best for a 76 shovelhead

    First, welcome to the forums.

    I normally run SAE50 (spring & fall) in my '77 ironhead and add a bit of 70 wt if i need to top up in the summer - but my weather is a lot colder than Texas (I live next door to the State of Maine).

    A good quality 20w50 should work as well (I think J&P has a good one) - don't worry about the 20w in front - this describes the cold weather starting features of the oil with the lower the number the easier on the engine in colder weather.

    As for synthetic, I haven't tried it - many people clain it runs cooler as there is less friction in the bearings and the rings.

    Now, you are about to get a number of other responses on the benefits of one oil over another - just like beer - everybody has their own brand

    Hope this helps

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  • Wed, Sep 19 2018 7:49 AM In reply to

    • FX
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    Re: Oil

    Billy, most engine ware happens at start up. The oil has to get to where it's supposed to be as quickly as it can. 60 weight when cold doesn't move too fast. If you're not in an extreemly hot area, and your engine is not badly worn, I wouldn't use it...

    20/50 is best all around...

    You can use synthetic if you wish. I used it in my Shovels for years with no problems, or leaks. And Ironhead is correct, it runs cooler. Also, syn does not thicken up as much as conventional oil when cold, and stays heavier when hot. Synthetics don't sludge up the engine as much as petrolium based with short-hopping.


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  • Wed, Sep 19 2018 9:41 AM In reply to

    Re: Oil

     we also offer a 25-60 for hot weather use. also, if you are running an original cam, you may want to use a zinc additive to keep the cam lobes in good shape. modern oils don't have zinc in the mix, cause it can damage converters


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