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  • Wheels and Fender

    Hello, I have a 92 Softail Custom FXSTC. I'm am planning on changing up the look of my bike over the winter and am wondering about fitament for a set of wheels, tires, and fenders. I want to change out the stock fenders and wheels and go with Softail Heritage Fenders and wheels. I am currently running...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by blazinhdmat on Thu, Sep 4 2008
    Filed under: fit, fender, Heritage, Softail, wheels, tires, Harley, custom
  • Stage 1 and/or 2 downloads

    I posted this question first on the wrong forum. Sorry. Challk it up to my being a newby on this forum. Could someone add specific details as to what the ECM changes are with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 downloads? I have searched the internet and the HD web site to no avail. I have even talked with the techs...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by dem1956 on Fri, Oct 3 2008
    Filed under: Harley
  • Broken Overflow Tube

    I was just cleaning my "early" (Pre-CV) Keihin carburetor and managed to break the overflow tube in the float bowl. Is there ANY WAY to fix this? I mean, can I just epoxy the overflow hole the tube was in if I swear I'll turn the petcock off every time I stop the engine? Sure, I'd LOVE...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by butchartms on Sun, Oct 5 2008
    Filed under: Harley, carburetor, Keihin, overflow
  • Xea

    Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you regarding my last post. ( where i had trouble with my reinhart slipons ) cracked and broken off. Wanted to keep you in the loop, so here it goes........ Went to one of my HD store and after a couple of weeks, my parts manager was able to talk to Mr. Reinhart...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by Tank on Tue, Oct 7 2008
    Filed under: Harley
  • 12v mechanical regulator troubles

    I'm running a 58 pan w/ generator and mechanical reg.(that I think is fried). I have 3 solid state regulators that I believe are new but none are wired for generator. One has a 4 hole female plug (Bstyle), one is round 2 prong male plug (Fstyle) and the other is 2 prong male plug (A or H style not...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by splutter on Mon, Oct 13 2008
    Filed under: Harley
  • ignition wiring issue w/ coil

    Probably a very stupid question but, which side of a coil is positive and or negative. Have a Dyna coil neither post is labled. Have checked manual but no wire schematic for 82 FXR shovelhead. I guess that year fell through the cracks because of the engine change to Evo. Very tough bike to find info...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by rlalor on Fri, Oct 17 2008
    Filed under: Harley, custom, internal wiring
  • is it the carb?

    I have adjusted,purchased & replaced all cables, handgrip on my 2005 Fatboy. My throttle will not return to idle no tension. When I tune the throttle open there is slack in the retun cable. I can't adjust it out, the throttle gets harder to turn. have taken extra care to install cables on carb...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by mooseatk on Wed, Oct 22 2008
    Filed under: Harley, carburetor
  • 05 road king custom/hickup???

    i can crank it up and let it idle for a while and get good and wormed up and then ride and even then it may hickup through the carb.when i say hickup ,thats the best way ican describe it or maybe a burp.it runs strong and all and when it does do it its mostly when i up trottle.i bought the bike at 15000...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by 97sssportysofttail on Wed, Oct 22 2008
    Filed under: Harley, carburetor
  • converting to wide glide front end on 82 FXR

    Okay, I have been doing a lot of research on converting to a wide glide front end on my FXR with mixed results. So now I ask you, the JPCycle forum, who are the S#%T by the way, what your thoughts are on this. I have read that a WG front end will take away from the handling on the FXR and I have read...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by riderdown on Thu, Oct 30 2008
    Filed under: Harley, custom fit
  • Cams that turn on through low and mid range

    I changed out an H grind cam on my 64 for an AB grind with .470 lift hoping it would turn on better. Well,,,it's a dud and that's a bummer I go thosed on that one. The H grind I took out my have been the original seeings I'm the second owner. I'm looking at and considering the B grind...
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by conita2 on Thu, Jan 1 2009
    Filed under: Harley
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