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  • heat shields

    Quick question: I'd like to put heat shields on my drag pipes, but I'm concerned about the corrosion that might/will develop UNDER the shield. Any suggestions out there? (paints, coatings, etc....) Thanks! They're chrome by the way.
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by mattymatty on Thu, Aug 23 2001
  • FXD cluthch

    OK feeling pretty stupid here. Starter ring has some ground up teeth. Need a new clutch basket. Dismantel primary drive, take clutch assembly to a dealer to have them press my clutch hub out press the hub back into the new basket and then reassmbel the entire clutch. Great so far, I put the primary drive back together and I'm adjusting out the free play in the pushrod per manual instructions, when wham the diaphram nails me in the arm, luckly not my face, furthur investiagtion shows that the ends
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by mattymatty on Wed, Aug 22 2001
  • Help with New Turn Signals..

    Hi All, I just installed a tombstone rear tailight to my fatboy, and I wanted to get my turn signals off the fender struts and on either side of the new tail light. A bro I ride with has a set up like this that utilizes an adaptor that bolts to the the fender, then the turn signal attaches to that adaptor at a right angle. He said it was a custom chrome part, but I haven't been able to find it here on J&P's site, or in the print catalog. Anyone have any ideas as to where I can score this part? Thanks
    Posted to Harley Tech Talk (Forum) by mattymatty on Wed, Aug 22 2001
Page 1 of 1 (3 items)